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The Company is a major factory in Spun-like fabric and Spun-like yarn in Taiwan.

1991 The company was established.
1993 Started to produce Filament Fabric.
1995 Started to produce High Count Polyester Fabric.
1996 Successfully developed "High Count Polyester Air Textured Yarn".
1998 The capital was increased to NT$194,040,000. Stocks of the company were published. Brought computer system to knitting design. The output of Air Textured Yarn was increased to 230 ton/month.
1999 Developed various industrial Coarse Denier and Air Textured Yarn. The output of Air Textured Yarn was increased to 400 ton/month. The output of Filament Fabric was increased to 2,300,000 yard/month.
2000 The capital was increased to NT$231,580,000.
2001 The Company's stock has been officially listed in the market on June 26, 2001
2006 CNC Machines Department was established on June, 2006.
2007 Light Metals Division was established on January, 2007.

On March, the wrench won theTaiwan,Japan,Germany, and MainlandChina's new type patents.
Success developed breathable and quick-drying cotton-like fabric on August. Won the "New type permanent quick-drying and breathable fabric" patents in Taiwan and Mainland China.

2011 On March, cooperative developed the Ultra-Light Multi-Material Wrench with Metal Industries Research & Development Centre, won the Germany red dot award - product design 2011 best of the best.
Success developed Durable Towel and won the patent on May.

Competitive advantage

  1. Flexible production procedure and equipment. Therefore, small orders are acceptable.
  2. Various kinds of production that could satisfy all kinds of demands.
  3. Flexible in assets and development.
  4. Superior capacity and employees.


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Company Organization